Meet Our Pets!

Introducing the cat of the family - Homer!

Homer came to us in October of 1999 by way of the front door. He is a short hair domestic, very friendly and likes to sleep in the sun. He is a foot and half tall and weights 9 lbs. His birthday is unknown.

See Homer in the young months- sleeping and during his fire studying period. Click here.

Introducing the dog of the family - Mr. Jingles!

Mr. Jingles was a 1999 Christmas present from Becky's mom. He is a toy poodle but dreams of an upgrade to a larger class. He is a very friendly dog. His hobbies are chewing pig ears and Homer's head. He stands a height of 1 foot 7 inches tall and weights 7.25 lbs. His birthday is October 12, 1999. (Please don't make fun of his ears, he's very sensitive.)

See Mr. Jingles - stand and lay down. Click here.

See Homer and Mr. Jingles playing. Click here.

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